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Take a virtual tour of our house and save yourself from having to visit.
(If you still feel like you have to come visit maybe this will help dissuade you - we make everyone take off their shoes! And children aren't even allowed inside - they have to campout on the lawn, which is not a problem because there's a bathroom in the garage.)

View some photos of our latest trip.
(You've got to be kidding me? You would willingly do this?!)

Contemplate some words of wisdom with the quote of the week
(Or at least discover what one of us sees as wise - perhaps you'll disagree.)

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Despite the title, there is actually a point to this website. It's purpose is to enable old friends and acquaintances, who we've lost contact with, find us and see what we're up to. So, if you are one of those people, be sure to send a message in the comment box. The other purpose is that this provided a good excuse to learn HTML, which, by golly, has been sort of fun.


If you've had enough of this website and want to get the hell out of here, the following links will be much more worth your while.

If you would like to view some nice drawings be sure to check out brother Phil's drawings.
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