Phase 8

The Dig More digging Boulders arrive Digging the keywall trench Steel Plumbing
Gunite Placing the boulders Trench work Tile and coping Deck drain and retaining wall Perimeter wall
Stairs Stucco

Phase 8:  We hired a crane to set the boulders. With considerable difficulty the crane managed to get close to the pool. And with luck on our side the boulders all fit into place without a hitch.

The crane gets frighteningly close to the pool

The crane levitates

We nervously watch as the third boulder passes over the pool

The sixth and final boulder

Dave Terwilliger, pool builder extroardinaire, decides to relieve the crane of some stress

The crane manages to work its way back down the hill

The six rocks in place

Another view

The three rocks surrounding the fountain

The largest rock - 4,000 pounds

The baja step with surrounding rocks

It looks like it belongs there. Doesn't it?
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