Pool Progress Thus Far

The Dig More digging Boulders arrive Digging the keywall trench Steel Plumbing
Gunite Placing the boulders Trench work Tile and coping Deck drain and retaining wall Perimeter wall
Stairs Stucco

Phase 12:  The perimeter wall for safety and privacy

A very cheap form made from plywood.
You can see the rebar suspended in slots.
Those plywood dividers would come out
as the concrete was poured.

Here you can see half of the form
capped with two foot sections of
a plywood cap temporarily screwed
in place. Those caps would be screwed
on as the concrete was poured.

Another view. Notice the block wall
planter box by the elevated pool wall.

It was a tricky pour, but it worked
pretty well, only a couple of minor
air pockets.

You can see the retaining wall
drain pipe at the bottom.

Another view.

A view of the partially framed tall
wall from in the pool.

Another view with the arches added.

The fearless framer, who would
rather be playing hockey.

Laura ponders the look of the light fixture
on one of the columns.

The more or less complete wall.

Looking up at the wall.

The corbels sticking through the wall.

Constructing the pergola.

The post and beams are braced.

Detail of the diagonal braces.

All the beams in place.

Pillar caps.

Some wiring.


Light fixtures.

The pergola and wall that
the TV will be mounted to.
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