Take a Photographic Tour of the House

It's a pretty nice and unusual Hacienda style house built in 1948, with a remodel add-on done in '97/'98, and it sits on 2/3rds of an acre. We moved in on Halloween of 1998. Some interesting features of the house are the odd angles (it follows the contour of the hillside), the truss beams of the ceilings, and the beautiful views from every room. We love it.

So come in and take a look around - you won't disturb us. But make sure you take off your shoes first, and don't scratch the furniture!

Click on any of the thumbnail photos below for a larger view. The file size of each photo is roughly 40KB large, which is approximately 15 seconds of download time on a modem connection.

Here are two side views and one front view
Three views of the living room
The computer room and dining room The dining room

Two views of the front entryway room
A view of the kitchen
From the kitchen looking down the dark stairway below and down the hall above From the kitchen looking out front
The bathroom The guest bedroom/music room

The master bedroom and bathroom

The balcony off the bedroom

We've undertaken the huge task of re-roofing the house ourselves. The contractor that did the remodel really butchered the roof and caused a couple of severe leaks (further proof that building inspectors are an incompetent and useless drain on society). So, as firm believers in the notion that a job only gets done right if you do it yourself, we're doing just that. We started in August of 2000 and we'll be posting the year of completion when it arrives! Here's a few pictures of the ongoing process. Although it will be some time before all the tiles are back in place, it is now completely watertight at least.

The steps that we had to build

Striking a puzzlingly victorious pose

The progress so far